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Olivia Bezett Artist

Feathers & Fur Colouring Book

Feathers & Fur Colouring Book

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SIGNING - If you'd like your book signed, please pop a note on your order. When you click 'view my cart' there will be a little box at the bottom that says 'Order special instructions' either just pop 'sign please' or if you want to add someone's name, or a message, pop that in too! More than happy to do this :)

-A4 size
-NZ made
-50 colouring-in pages
-6 helpful tip pages
-Perforated pages for easy removal
-Gold foil title
-Designed for all ages

This book is entirely NZ made - which was an expensive decision, but one that I am incredibly proud of. The book contains a few helpful 'tip' pages to pass on some of my coloured pencil knowledge, an 'about the artist' page, and 50 colouring in pages which are outlines of some of my favourite artworks. The pages have been perforated so you can easily remove them if you like! I have made sure the outlines are a nice light grey, and thin, so that you can still see them - but you can achieve a realistic look with the end product, rather than having harsh thick black lines.
This book has been designed for all ages!

A massive thank you to everyone that encouraged me to keep going with this. The amount of time, money and effort I have poured into this book is massive, and although it's the last thing I feel like doing right now, if this goes well, I would love to release another.... one day!
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